Titch from Merseyside (Liverpool)

We started the process to adopt Titch just before the lock down happened. So because of the lock down restrictions we had to wait another month before he could be brought to us but he was well worth the wait. He’s 10 years old but we think no one has told him as he’s got all the energy of a pup. He’s an ex gun dog Springer Spaniel Labrador cross so he’s incredibly well behaved and good mannered. It’s taken him a while to believe this is his forever home. He is a clever boy so he always wants to know where we are going and if he can come. We can’t imagine life without him now. He absolutely loves life, especially getting up in the morning and exploring the countryside. He might be an old boy but he shows us how to have a good time and we’re grateful for every minute. Its the best decision we made to adopt and although we weren't looking for an older dog initially, he has settled in so well and is such a great companion. We feel lucky to be able to give him a loving home to spend his retirement in.