Jak from Merseyside (Liverpool)

Jak was adopted from the Merseyside Centre in November 2019 and it's like he's always been a part of the family. We love him! Here he is helping us to tidy up during lockdown by savaging a hot water bottle cover! He was badged as a Jack Russell Cross and we've been guessing what his ancestry might be. In the end curiosity got the better of us and we got a DNA kit. Our guess of a corgi was wide of the mark. Apparently he's 62.5% chihuahua, 12;5% Yorkshire terrier, and the rest is 'other' terrier breeds, most probably Russell terrier and miniature pinscher. I think Jak was hoping he'd be related to canine royalty. He certainly wants a recount. He'd be the largest chihuahua around so is wary of a new dietary regime and he can't scrape enough hair together to put in a top knot!