Riley from Salisbury (Wiltshire)

April 2010 deciding we would like to rehome a rescue dog now the kids were teenagers, we wanted a big dog , we had German shepherds before. So off we went to dogs trust Salisbury. That day there wasn’t many big dogs ready for adoption, so we were told to come back the following week because 30 plus dogs were coming down from Scotland!!. On arrival a lovely lady (with purple hair, sorry couldn’t remember your name) said we’ve just the dog for you , out came this skinny, mad long legged Labrador x it was love at first sight! He was called Tam by the trust but we decided to call him Riley. Riley turned out to be the most loving loyal friend and some what a bit crazy, so he fitted in well with us. This last eighteen months I have struggled with illness and depression and had to give up work, he became my constant shadow and companion helping me through those dark days. This April I took him to the vets with a limp the vet said it’s most likely arthritis and a lump was a fatty lump. A month later back to vets with purple bruises over his abdomen, bloods showed he was anemic . Xrays and ultrasound Showed nothing. The following week the same lump got bigger then went down several times, thought it must be inflammation until it came up like a small rugby ball and was so hard. He was struggling to walk depressed and looked to be in pain he also kept hiding and moving away. Back to vets the lump was now full of blood but they didn’t know where it was coming from so he stayed in. The following morning I had that bad news call, there was nothing they could do he wouldn’t get better he couldn’t stand and was in so much pain probably cancer. We had to make that heartbreaking decision to put our beautiful dog to sleep and we couldn’t be with him because of corana virus I feel as if we let him down he was always there for us. But I know he knew how much we loved him, he was spoilt rotten and certainly had a life of Riley! Beautiful memories Riley aged 12 ish 31st May 2020 Thank you Dogs trust for the fantastic work you do and giving us Riley for ten fabulous fun years xx