Rocket from Darlington

It was 18th Oct 2018 when my wife and I adopted Rocket from Darlington, he was 17 months old. We were his 3rd home and were determined it would be his forever home, no matter what mischief he got up to or what tests he put us through. From day 1 Rocket has been very well behaved, though he is a real mischievous live wire and has totally rotavated our lawn, which is no longer lush and green, we wouldn't swap him for all the tea in China. We both totally love him to bits. He has a lot of toys to play with, and when he gets fed up of fetching his ball, he starts to bring us leaves and twigs for us to throw for him to fetch. Rocket brings us so much Joy and laughter to our lives. We are so happy we made the decision to adopt him, even though we had to travel from the North West to Darlington 3 times before we could bring him home, to make sure that we were right for Rocket and he was right for us, we are so glad that we did.