Pepper from Evesham (Worcestershire)

When I first went into the centre and walked around I was a bit disappointed, there sadly was no dogs suitable for my home. But sitting down with one of the trainers and talking about my home and what I would be looking for helped in everything. pepper had not yet been put on display and yet I was taken down to meet her. And I haven’t been happier since. Now nearly 10, pepper has settled into her home and is a completely new dog. Admittedly the snoring is a bit loud but you can’t have everything. But she really is the perfect wee dog. I’ve never had a more affectionate companion before. She barks for her food in such a happy little way and bounces around the garden ignoring her age. And she lives nothing more than paddling in streams or the sea when we take her on holiday. I couldn’t have gotten a better dog. Thank you all who helped.