Dolly (was Holly) from Kenilworth (West Midlands)

I notice you are posting success stories on FB, could you please post Dolly's, we are so proud of her? We adopted Dolly in 2016, she was very, very anxious, scared of her own shadow, and would barely let us touch her. Three and a half years on, she has grown massively in confidence, thanks to her best buddy Reggie. She will happily trot after us (off lead) and stand to have her lead put on when asked (she was hugely head shy) She is living her best life with Reggie (and Stan and Bob, the cats) Here she is with Reggie (Dolly in her usual position, on the right!) We love our pups to bits, she and Reggie adore each other. We are so proud of how confident and playful she has become, and improves more so every day, even now.