Saffy from Leeds

We brought Saffy home 10 years ago today 20/04/20! A skinny, bouncy, OTT young girl, now she’s an arthritic, OTT old girl! She always loved Blue our lab cross and would follow him anywhere even into the water although she didn’t really like it. Sadly we lost Blue 3 years ago but now have Milo a border collie. Saffy usually ignores Milo, even when he drops his ball by her head, but she is the boss and she decides if it’s time to play! She’s a very clever girl and a quick learner so we joined Tricks 4 Treats agility team and made lots of good friends and had lots of good times together. Plagued by illness and injury Saffy is very brave, it’s thanks to everyone at Oakmount Vets that she is still here today ( and thanks to Petplan I’m not bankrupt!) Walking has got hard work but she loves to go to Towneley garden centre and will potter round as long as she can drag me into the cafe first for some treats, especially a lick of a butter wrapper! She also loves a treat hunt in the garden. She is a real character and I’m so glad that something made me ask about her even though I was looking for a collie, and that her carer was so enthusiastic about telling me how lovely she is, her tail is always wagging, happy 10th gotcha day Saffron!