Oswald (Ozzy) from Salisbury (Wiltshire)

To the brilliant team at the Dogs Trust, Whilst sitting at home during this difficult time during lock down in the UK, it has given me the opportunity to get in touch and share the happy story of Ozzy or 'Oswald' as we affectionally call him. We were very fortunate to adopt him from the Salisbury Dogs Trust Centre last September, and whilst chatting with my husband Ricardo, we realised Ozzy has been with us for a happy six months now. I was always drawn to Ozzy on the several visits we made before starting the process of adopting him and we were over the moon when he came home with us. He came to us with separation anxiety issues and was very underweight. Car travel was also extremely traumatic! He has always been really friendly though, and loves to play with other canine friends when he meets them. Now we can leave him for up to three hours if we need to, and he is much more relaxed. We have been to Cornwall and back now as well so massive progress has been made. I am very lucky that as a sculptor I can take him to work with me though, so he is not often left. It has been lovely to see his condition, confidence and personality come out. We have discovered a wide vocabulary, and he can be quite demanding in a hilarious way! Thanks again for all that you do, and I hope you a managing okay during these difficult surreal days. Stay safe and well. Kindest regards, Amy Evangelista (Née Goodman)