NIko from Snetterton (Norfolk)

Niko was adopted from Dogs Trust Snetterton in March 2019, just weeks after his adopters spotted him at the centre. They had been thinking about getting a dog, as their previous dog had passed away, but they didn’t expect to find one that day. On the same day that they laid eyes on Niko, the Wentworth’s decided to start the adoption process and took him out for a walk on the field to begin getting to know him. After looking through the home-finding questionnaire the Canine Carer’s agreed that it was a great match, and after three more visits to the centre he was taken home. Niko is a stunning two-year-old Husky and Labrador cross, who typical of his genes, is full of energy and always ready to play. Niko settled into his new home well and within weeks he had become part of the furniture and even made a few local dog friends. Niko enjoys a 10k run in the morning, a long walk in the evening, as well as plenty of playing in the middle! Niko often gets a big burst of energy and you can see him sprinting around the garden or playing with a football. One of his favourite things to do is play tug of war, and this strong boy always wins! Niko isn’t always a live wire though, as he does enjoy a nap on the sofa and some cuddles and affection from his adopters. Niko is quite the character and one of his quirky habits is that he LOVES a cup of tea! When he sees his adopters with a cuppa, he insists on lapping up the last few splashes of earl grey himself. Niko has definitely found his furry-tail ending, thanks to his new family who gave him a chance.