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Buddy (was Barkley) from Shrewsbury (Shropshire)

We adopted Buddy (was Barkley) on Saturday 22nd February 2020. He has delighted us every day as we introduce him to new things as a test thinking there must be a catch to this dog, however he has proved himself to be a very friendly, nosey, cheeky chappie character who we already love very much. The wider family are very happy and want him as their own. He will have 3 weeks to settle in and adjust at home, before he gets his first of many holidays to Anglesey. He has been learning new things every day. As well as having his two walks a day for at least an hour, he has been meeting new people and also carrying on his training so by the end of the day he is snoring, relaxing on the couch with the two of us. He has done so well with the children in the family. They are able to walk him on the lead and have been training him to sit. He loves playing football with them. He is attending dog school which he is very attentive and quick to learn. He has fitted into the family so well it’s as though he was meant to be.