Max from Manchester

We got Max from Manchester Dogs Trust in November of 2018. We were told he was going blind and no sooner had we been told that, I knew he was the one I needed to give a good home. He wasn’t my partner’s first dog, but he was mine. I had always wanted a dog when I got a place of my own, but I didn’t know what to expect, however as soon as we got him home and I gave him a cuddle I knew it was the best decision of our lives. He’s the most amazing, cuddly teddy bear and whenever I am upset or angry he will come to give me a cuddle. There have been times that I have been upset so I have just lied on the floor next to him and he will just put his paw over me and get as close as he can. Max was rather overweight when we got him, but in the over 1 year we have had him he has lost around 13kg and he has been like a dog reborn, much happier and healthier. He’s the best dog and the day I lose him, is the day my heart breaks a little. So I will enjoy every minute I have with him.