Bruno from Shrewsbury (Shropshire)

Bruno came to me age 18 after his owner died, I had just lost my elderly Border Terrier and Bruno helped me mend my broken heart. You could say we needed each other. He’s now nearly 20 and he’s a super little chap. His favourite pastimes are sleeping and eating and he likes a little walk as long as it’s not raining, he hates getting his paws wet and mud is completely out of the question! He’s so funny, he’s just like a grumpy old man sometimes, if he doesn’t like something he’ll start muttering to himself. He takes himself off to bed at 8.45 every evening and he leaks a bit but I really love him. He wears a belly band indoors to save any embarrassing accidents. I will definitely have another oldie, they’ve so much to give and ask for so little in return. I wish more people would consider adopting these elderly dogs, you go into it knowing you’re going to have your heart broken sooner rather than later but the satisfaction you get from giving these dogs a second chance at the end of their lives helps.