Storm from Leeds

We lost our two American Bulldogs in October 2019 and decided we would give it some time before looking for another. In January 2020 we saw 3 ABs in various Dogs Trust branches but two were not suitable for our home which left Storm as the 3rd one, we drove an hour and half the same evening we first saw her on the website but was told she had numerous enquiries and could only fill in an application for her. On arrival at the centre after filling in the form and speaking to staff members they asked us did we want to meet her. As soon as she burst into the meeting room she flew over to us like she knew we were for her. The centre told us there and then she was ours but we would have come back a couple of times to make sure she was a good fit for us. I went back the next day and the day after, then we could bring her home. From day one she fit in, she was perfect for us. Her days are now spent walking round on a local farm where I keep my horse, she’s made a fabulous friend with Rose the Beagle, loves all the horse and despite my best efforts, she manages to treat herself to a few Scooby snacks. She has become my co pilot when I go out in horsebox and my daughters new bedtime cuddle buddy. My son is her absolute favourite for playing and wrestling whilst my hubby is the best to get treats out off, but most of all she loves just being with me whatever we do in the day.