River from Snetterton (Norfolk)

I’d nearly given up finding a dog because so many centres turned me away without seeing me. It would often be because I worked a lot and wouldn’t have the time to look after them. Because of this I became reluctant to find one because I didn’t think they would be happy with me if I gave them a forever home. Dogs Trust viewed my application form and straight away said they could match me with a few of their dogs which are happy to be left for short periods; one was River, an eight year old Huskita. We met River that day and we instantly fell in love. I was still worried about being away too much but with River’s personality, he quite likes his alone time as well as being fussed. It was just perfect. River found his forever home with us a month ago, and we can’t imagine life without his cheeky personality. Rescue dogs are by no means perfect and we don’t know much about his previous homes, but we’re thrilled to have River with us and for an eight year old, he still has a bounty of energy! River enjoys long walks in the Suffolk countryside and belly rubs (but only on his terms)! He’s a fussy eater but will still want whatever you’re eating - the boy doesn’t even like peanut butter or pig ears! He sighs deeply when he’s relaxing with his head on his paws, and it gives us joy to know that he’s absolutely content in being with us in our home. Thank you to Snetterton for matching us with this beautiful woof.