Reuben from Snetterton (Norfolk)

We first went to the trust after unfortunately loosing our first rescue didn't go as planned, so we are unsure about getting another dog, However when we see Reubens picture up on the website we couldn't help ourselves and had to see him, and with that being said my partner feel in love with him straight away as did I, we visited him 3 times before we took him home and each time he saw us through the glass he was bouncy and happy to see us, once we got him home he settled in straight away, he is such a character. Loves to play but also loves to cuddle up on the sofa (or my partner cannot say no to his puppy eyes haha) he loves to be outside running about playing with other dogs, He's also learnt a few tricks along the way. He has made our house whole again and we really couldn't think of our lives without him now, thank you dogs trust for finding and matching us up with out forever pup James and Gaynor gray