Milo from Basildon (Essex)

When I first saw milo's picture on your website I knew that he was perfect for us, I don't even know why? As soon as I got to basildon dogs trust movement through to have a look at him, he was gazing out of the back door window but as soon as I walked up and I was very quiet he turned around and ran to the front and looked me in the eye and as far as I'm concerned it was that moment that we both knew that he was ment to be with me, I waited around a bit till I was able to meet him and they had concerns that's he was a little unruly and didn't really mix with new people but I told them to let him come to me and he didn't stop licking me and I had him in a big bear hug in seconds, which took everyone at the centre by surprise and we haven't looked back since, he loves going to the beach and he's a good boy off lead, he gets on really well with Skylar our Siberian husky and he loves everyone, he really as a fantastic boy in every way and we love him so much and to think someone could give him away is crazy as he's a perfect husky boy, he loves his food,walks,huggs,playing and is not destructive at all which is unheard of in husky world, he really is just a beautiful loving and playful fluffy boy who melts hearts everywhere he goes. Thank you so much and you can safely say he will never ever need rehoming ever again as we would never even think about letting him go, he is definitely family now and has been since the day I met him, he's lovely and I wouldn't be without him! Xxx