Jak from Merseyside (Liverpool)

Jak moved in to his forever home on 26th November and has settled in well. He's the perfect sentry (sitting on the arm of the sofa in the bay window) looking out at anyone daring to go past the house. He's getting to know the neighbourhood and dictates his preferred route on walks - probably hoping he'll encounter some canine pals to sniff. He's successfully prised most of the children in the house away from their computer screens to accompany him on his jaunts. We've eyed up some dog cafes nearby to try to entice the remaining family members out soon! His 'bark first' approach has mellowed now he understands that other dogs can be pals. He even managed a trip to [email protected] to get this Christmassy photo taken without much fuss (not that he looks impressed with the outfit that photographer put on him!). As for people passing by, he expects their attention and adoration. And such a brilliant little character really deserves a fuss being made of him. We're so glad he's joined out family.