Tyson and misty from Merseyside (Liverpool)

So off I went to dogs trust after losing my beloved staff sach at 14 years old.. on arriving at dogs trust and walking around me and my daughter fell in love with every dog I mean how can you not? But then we came to Tyson and misty and the minute we saw them we loved them.. there cheeky little faces looking at us and them playing together I had to have them🤭 off we went home and I just couldn’t stop thinking about them so the same day off we went back up there to reserve them.. my life changed from that day on.. after a week of going up to see them and spend some time with them they come home with us. It’s so true that girls rule and are bossy because misty is a little bossy boots and rules the roost.. they are like proper little human brother and sister they have their fall outs and they drive me mad but With cute little gorgeous faces like theirs they can get away with it 🐶💙🐶💗