Bobby from Shrewsbury (Shropshire)

We originally went to meet another dog at Shrewsbury Dogs trust, but he was so scared and shy; we decided to have another look around. On doing so; my husband; Richard; saw Bobby. We asked at reception all about him; and fell in love. We were asked if we would like to walk him; which we did. On the walk, we both fell even more in love with him; and asked to rehome him, which we were able to do. Later that week we visited him again on the Thursday; and on the Friday we picked him up and took him home. He was incredibly well behaved in the car; and even fell asleep on my lap! He brings us such joy and happiness every day. I am type one diabetic; and been quite unwell Beginning of the year with low blood sugars which made me pass out. This in turn made me very anxious about being home alone when Richard is at work. But now we have Bobby; he is the best company I could have; and put all my anxiety to rest. Myself and my husband live in the country side of Herefordshire; and love taking Bobby over the fields for long walks each day. Bobby is great on the lead and is so much more than we excepted. He’s perfect little boy! He loves his snuggles; and his naps with us. And he is the best thing we have done this year! Thank you; from the bottom of our hearts to all at the Dogs trust in Shrewsbury. You have made us very happy. And to see Bobby so happy makes it even more worth while!