Noah from Manchester

After losing our beloved black lab we had a huge hole in our hearts. We knew we wanted to provide a home for a rescue dog. We visited Shrewsbury and Manchester looking for the right dog for our family. Our initial meeting with Noah didn’t go as we thought as he kept hiding in the outdoor area of his kennel. We met with Maxine who was a great support through the whole of the adoption process. We learnt that Noah hadn’t had a great start to life and was reactive to other dogs. We had time and patience and knew that we could support Noah if he liked us. After three visits the decision was made and we brought him home with us. A happy day for us all. Noah has been with us for three months now. Initially he was reactive with every dog we met but now has a number of doggie friends he loves to play with and is much calmer when out for walks. He is a real character and we love him to bits. We have been on loads of road trips and away in our caravan, Noah is a great traveller . He has made our home complete.