Ace from Darlington

It was fate that brought us to get Ace in November 2014. We had a chocolate lab Jordi who was 9 at the time, but we felt he would benefit from a companion. We had already travelled to Kenilworth that weekend from Newcastle upon Tyne to meet another black lab, but unfortunately he needed multiple visits to get comfortable with us and we felt the distance was too great to keep travelling to see him. My husband was out walking early the next morning with Jordi and just happened to bump into a neighbour who had just adopted 2 dogs from Darlington. He came home and got straight online and there were 2 new labs just in, a black and and a chocolate. We were really interested in the chocolate. We rushed straight down for opening and were taken to the pen where Ace and the chocolate lab were. The chocolate lab was very vocal but Ace was sitting at the back quietly and we fell for him straight away. We’ve had him 5 years now. We sadly lost our other lab this summer, but he is the most loving dog and don’t know what we would do without him. He’s very protective of us and still a bit nervous, but really gentle and loves his cuddles. He didn’t know how to play when we got him and didn’t expect any treats but soon caught on! We love him to bits and don’t know what we’d do without him now.