Boss from Darlington

we got Boss on November 18th 2018 , the moment I seen Boss in the Kennels it was love at 1st sight he was there waging his tail smiling at me jumping up at his cage .from that minute I knew I wanted him, but there was a waiting list and he was reserved ,but as fate had it we got the chance to give him a home.over time he has had the chance to show us his cheeky personaly . he always greets me with a smile and a wag of his tail , he gets on with his sister (Saskia siberian husky ) as there both go out into the garden and Saskia always watches over him to make sure he ok . there sleep together and sometimes on top of each other . Boss can't get enough of having his ears rubbed ,theres times when he just not let you stop either by pawing you or knocking you with his head or nose . Boss is such a loving dog he has given my family so many happy memories ,he such a gentle loving dog who just likes the hugs walks and rubs ,he settled into the house so well and made it his own .