Freja (formally Whippy) from Merseyside (Liverpool)

When we first met Freja her ears were permanently stuck to her head and her eyes looked like she was so sad all the time. We met her and walked her a few times, noticing that her tail never really went from between her legs. It was horrible to see such a lovely looking and behaving dog seem to have such little confidence. WELL what can I say? For the first few weeks I was certain that she'd never feel comfortable with us. But yet now, we have a sweet girl who is so so much more confident than you'd believe. She loves it when we get up in a morning, wagging her tail and running around like it's the best thing ever! She's been on many adventures with us, and those ears are no longer plastered to her face. Little did I know how enormous they actually were! She's still a little on the shy side meeting dogs and seems to prefer woman to men. But all in all it's almost as if she's a totally different doggo!