Harkin from Canterbury

We saw harkin online a while ago. After adopting daisie (known as meicha) a few months ago, we thought a companion would be good for her. We popped by to the centre to show the staff how well daisie was getting on, and we met harkin that afterrnoon. Luckily both dogs hit it off and after 7 visits , harkin arrived home on the 28th august . Although shy and lacking in confidence, we let him settle into home life and a week later, he is already a different boy. He loves his walks with his sister and his food!! Harkin is a daddy's boy, loves cuddles, teases daisie quite a bit and knows mum is a softie. He is a lot more confident and can now travel in a car to his favourite walks , both have lots of energy which is fine by us. We all absolutely love this cheeky chap.