Jake from Kenilworth (West Midlands)

When I first met Jake in Nov 2018 he had been in kennels for over 8 months. He was very anxious and timid and it took over 2 weeks of visits for him to become comfortable with me. I brought him home and he has gradually become a more confident dog. He has a lovely nature and once he gets to know people is affectionate and happy to be in their company. His favourite activity is chasing the ball and after some training and numerous treats he will not only chase but will now fetch and return. We have had holidays to Dartmoor and Cornwall already this year and have a Norfolk trip planned in the summer. Jake loves the beach, though not sure he can quite figure out the sea. After losing my mum, he was the perfect remedy for my grief and loneliness. We have both healed each other. Thank you Dogs Trust Team for making a perfect match x