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Maxwell from Kenilworth (West Midlands)

We adopted Maxwell (then aged 5) on May Bank Holiday 2002. He was one of your ‘sticky dogs’ who had been moved from your Manchester home to your Glasgow home, and finally to Kenilworth, where it was he who undoubtedly chose us. We were a bit apprehensive because we thought he would require a lot of rehabilitation, having been out of a family home for so long, but not a bit of it. He walked into our house as though he had always lived here, and for the next 10 years he never put a paw wrong. He was gentle, wise, loving, intuitive and more human than canine; he never once showed any sign of aggression and was responsible for helping a lot of anxious children over their fear of dogs. We loved him totally and were distraught when we finally had to say goodbye to him, aged 15. We thought we could never love another dog as much and then along came Jackson (was Eric) from Evesham....