Ronnie from Kenilworth (West Midlands)

After losing our beautiful boy Rolo in March 2019 and after much thought and debate; we went to visit the lovely people in Dog's Trust, Kenilworth. We had seen lots of fur babies, who were looking for their forever home online, when we spotted Ronnie or Big Ronnie, as the staff there called him! Our boy Rufus had been very lonely, after losing his best mate, Rolo and really needed a pal to play around with; so we were delighted when their first meet & greet went so well and quickly made arrangements to go back again to see Big Ronnie. The next visits went really well and the boys seemed to get on great and so we made all the arrangements; including buying a new 'Big Ronnie' sized car and brought him back to his new forever home with us and Rufus. He had settled in brilliantly! He has a new head collar and now he walks quietly by Rufus' side, like a perfect angel, which is great news for us, as our Ronnie was 72 kilos when he arrived home. He is already down to 68 kilos and getting lots of exercise. We do have 'sleeping' issue; when Big Ronnie spreads out on the bed and Mum & Dad end up in the spare room but it's worth it for all the cuddles! We found out he adores being in the car...any car...any part of the car and sometimes just refuses to get out! Our first visit to the vet, to introduce Ronnie and to the great delight and amusement of the 4 parked cars & occupants next to me; Ronnie took 35 minutes to finally agree to leave the car. Despite much encouragement and treats, our 2nd visit went much the same way and finally the vet had to come to him, to do his vaccination, whilst he lazed about in the back of the car. Even after lovely, long walks, sometimes he just likes to relax in the back; so we have made it cozy and comfortable, just for him. Everyone loves Ronnie and on our visits to the local parks and walks; he gets lots of attention and cuddles and behaves like a perfect gentleman. Ronnie and Rufus are getting on really well and they love their long walks out and Ronnie likes the water, so we are going to take them to the seaside soon and I'm sure he will love it! Thanks again to you all for making it all possible and we will bring Ronnie & Rufus back to see you all again soon! Tracy, Mark, Ronnie & Rufus xxx