George from Leeds

Me and my partner knew as soon as we were introduced to George that we wanted to take him home. He is such a friendly and happy dog and this was clear from the beginning. On our first walk around the Dogs Trust field he was bouncing around and rolling on our feet, whipping our legs with his exuberant wagging tail! Although he was four when we adopted him, he wasn't very well socialized. He would react aggressively, lunging and barking (out of fear), whenever a dog came within about 50m. We eventually started introducing him to dogs we knew and trusted, and he started to make some friends. Now his best friend is a collie, we walk him off lead all the time (unless other dogs are on leads or we're near a road), and today we went to a dog show with tons of other dogs and he was so well behaved! He lives his best life snoozing on the sofa through most of the day, but he loves to stretch his legs and run and fetch toys when we go out for long walks. I'm so grateful to Dogs Trust that we got to adopt him!