Poppy from Basildon (Essex)

When we first saw Poppy , she was just a fluffy ball of energy, she wanted to meet and lick and get belly rubs from evryone and we new we had to take her home. When the children meet her they both fell in love with her especially Michael my Son who has learning diffulcties , they seem to have a special connection. She has fitted in wonderfully at home and it has take us very little time to toilet train, cage train and let her off her lead. She is a completly diffent dog than the hyper-active dog we picked up 4 weeks ago she is very chilled out and has completly fitted into home life with us. She love her walks, and we take her on extra long walks at the weekend where she can burn off all the energy she has . We would like to thank the staff at the Basildon Dog Trust for all there help all the staff were wonderfully especially the dog behaviourist, who's talk before we picked Poppy up was very helpfull. As you can see from the picture she is a happy little sole this picture was taken before we took her to the puppy parlour for a trim up and some pamppering