Daisie (was miesha) from Canterbury

I (justine) had recently lost my brother suddenly in feb, then we had to say goodbye to our beloved 9 year old gsd stanley a month later. We debated about another dog and decided to register at dogs trust, just in case. While at home, we spotted miesha and made an appointment to meet her. We were smitten as soon as we saw her, still are!! She was very timid, but was brave enough to take a treat from us. The 2nd visit was a great sucess, she recognised us and we spent an hour having cuddles and bonding. It was the same for all our regular visits. We were told during our home visit that we could adopt miesha over the easter weekend and we were so excited!!! She is now known as daisie and has settled in so well. She is gaining confidence around the home, and can be a funny diva at times. Daisie is already out on walks during quiet times and is doing well and is also realising that being in the car means a walk in the country. We are incredibly lucky to have adopted such a loving girl and, yes, she is our spoilt diva!! It is great to see her personality develope.