Daisie (was miesha) from Canterbury

i (justine) had recently lost my brother unexpectedly in feb, then our beloved gsd a month later. We debated about another dog and decided to visit canterbury dogs trust over a weekend. When at home we spotted miesha and made an appointment to see her. When we did, we can honestly say we were smitten. She was very timid but was brave to take a treat from us. The 2nd visit was a great sucess, we had lots of cuddles and spent over an hour bonding. The home visit was exciting and was told we could adopt miesha over the easter weekend. Both of us couldn't stop smiling. We have renamed her daisie, and she has made us smile and laugh after such an awful year so far. She has made herself at home, lots of cuddles every day, and she is quite a diva at times. Already she has been out on walks, still a bit timid, but gaining confidence and loves being brushed now. It is lovely to gave gained her trust so quickly although she does love the sofa more than her new bed!!!