Raven from Ballymena (Northern Ireland)

We got our lovely border collie pup from Ballymena, and that was one of the best choices of our lives. When we first saw us, she had Ben hiding behind her two sisters, despite being the biggest of the three. The centre was closing, so we came back the next day. They let us take her out and have a look, and she was small enough to fit in my arms. (I’d like to see her do that now!) When we decided to adopt her, we got lucky. As soon as they put our names down, another family asked about them. Raven makes us all happy with her floppy ears, her waggy tail, and her spotty legs. She is a lovely dog. We like to bring her on walks to the dog park, the beach, and long forest walks. Overall, a great experience with the staff, the adoption, and, of course, our darling little dog.