Mack from Harefield (West London)

We came to see one dog which wasn't right for us and fell for Mack. We collected him on 12 December 2017, and he immediately fitted in and claimed the settee! At 9 1⁄2 he was not a young dog but the way he chases round like a greyhound after his tennis ball you would not believe it. No one we meet believes his age. We take him to the pub regularly and he is a hit with everyone, especially the staff. He has been well trained by his previous owner and is very obedient - unless he spies a cat on the walks. He ignores our own two cats. Unfortunately, we have just found out he has tonsullar cancer that is inoperable and is on tablet chemo. He does not seem to realise how ill he is and still enjoys life. We may not have had him long but he is totally etched in our hearts. A lovely old boy!