Elvis from Bridgend (Wales)

We visited the dogs trust in Bridgend 12 years ago. After having looked at all the available dogs for rehoming and none suitable, the dogs trust member of staff said we have a dog named Elvis just become available. When Elvis was brought out, the decision was made for us by Elvis, he was so excited to see us. Elvis was an older dog at 6ish, but was still like a puppy. Elvis lived with us for over 12 years and came with us as we moved several times and was a major part of our family. He enjoyed his nightly 9pm walk and even gave us a nudge if we were a little late taking him. He also liked his occasional treat of a McDonalds cheese burger. At the rip old age of over 17, Elvis' body was showing his age and he died on the 25th of March this year. Thank you to the dogs trust for giving us such a lovely dog and Elvis for being such a lovely dog.