Buddy now Roland from Merseyside (Liverpool)

My family and I felt it was right to rescue another staffy after we lost sadly our rescue boy just before Christmas. Whilst enquiring on the phone to dogs trust merseyside about potentially being able to bring a dog to the isle of man, we were told that a 7 month old staffy had been dropped off that day and immediately we felt like we should see if we were compatible. So my parents traveled to Liverpool and fell in love with Buddy, the staffy X American bull dog. When we first got him home he wasn’t great at playing with us and liked to entertain himself but as the days have gone on he has learning to play and cuddle and is happy as ever. We renamed him Roland “Roly” because he loves to roll about! He is so full of personality and life, he is the brightest spark and we are so grateful to have had him brighten up our lives. He is definitely mischievous and curious but day by day he is settling in more and more settled with us. He loves going down to the beach, meeting other dogs and digging holes, even indoors! Thankfully my mum is always around to keep him company as he doesn’t like being alone. He is doing well with training and will do anything for a treat, we had him giving paw the first day! He definitely thinks he is smaller than he is and tries to squeeze into the smallest spaces. We are very grateful for dogs trust for offering us advice whenever we need it and we are so thankful that we were able to give this live-wire a forever home. Thank you dogs trust, an amazing service