Sandi from West Calder (Edinburgh)

Fendi (now known as Sandi) was standing looking right at us as we walked out. I remember the day very well, she looked all sad and it was raining so it was a dull day. She was so timid at first, I was crouched down to her level and she just stared at me with her puppy dog eyes. From that moment I knew she was ours. We took her out a walk as a family and her personality just burst out, she was so happy and just smiled the whole time. From that day until now, she has done nothing else but smile and play. She has faced some health difficulties but is always smiling after every appointment and just wants to play the minute she gets home. I love spending everyday with her, especially when we go to the River, that's her favourite, she loves playing in the water, which has been a great replacement as she can no longer run after her ball as much. Sandi has changed our lives completely and We have Dog's Trust to thank for everything. She is just the best dog ever!!! Thank you