Jessie from Shrewsbury (Shropshire)

I first saw Jessie on the 11th August 2018, I wasn't looking for any specific dog, but as soon as I saw Jessie I knew that she was coming home with me! So by the 18th August I was on my way to pick her up and bring her back with me to her forever home! Our first day together I can only describe as a child on Christmas day - for both of us! I pulled her new toys out of a bag one by one and she took each one to her new fluffy bed... I have never seen a dog look so happy! And of course, as I'm sure all you dog owners have started off with the 'no getting up on the sofa rule'... Well that didn't last long at all!! She loves coming to work with me everyday and meeting all the staff... Although what's not to love, getting cuddles and kisses from everyone lol. Her favourite thing is finding the biggest fields we can find so she can get some speed chasing the tennis ball.. With a little help from the tennis ball launcher--what an amazing invention that was!! My family have all fallen in love with her! Especially my 8 year old half sister, they love having cuddles together and doing some tricks! The love I have for Jessie is indescribable! Just yesterday we walked to the shop next door, I told her to sit and stay just outside the door as I went in to buy her dog food, only then thinking that probably wasn't the smartest idea- the shop is surrounded by acres of fields with alpacas, goats and chickens... After all she is a Collie with a very high chase drive lol! But as I came out of the shop a few minutes later there she was, Sat there waiting for me with her waggy tail! - my heart melted!! We go everywhere together, and if sometimes I need to pop out and leave her at home, it's as if iv left my arm behind! Thank you all at Dogs Trust so so so much for helping me find my perfect companion and my Best Friend! She now has the nickname of my little shadow! Love, Milly & Jessie xxx