Lady from Ilfracombe (Devon)

We rescued Lady from Ilfracombe Dogs Trust in March 2017. She was a shy but friendly girl and we fell in love with her straight away. We took her home a week later and she settled in so quickly and was happy to be in a home finally. Lady is a nervous, anxious pooch but she has always been loving with us. She loves our family including all the children! She absolutely loves running and she gets two long walks a day and often comes running with us. She gets so excited when we go for our walks! Lady has been on lots of holidays with us, to Austria, Wales and Croatia! She has a little sister, another rescue called Bella. Bella is a cheeky beagle who keeps Lady on her toes but they play all day long together. Bella has no sense of personal space and I often find her sleeping on top of Lady, who is very tolerant! We are so pleased we rescued Lady from Dogs Trust and were able to give her the home she deserves.