Bruce from Merseyside (Liverpool)

Hi! My name's Bruce, I'm a 10 year old labrador cross (crossed with what I'm not sure, possibly a border collie but my new Mum says more like a bear.) My long-time owners passed away this year and I was very sad, I thought I'd never find anyone else to love and care for me the way they did. Luckily though the Dogs Trust stepped in, found wonderful foster parents for me and then one day some people who were looking for their first doggy friend saw me and not surprisingly fell in love. I now live with them in Liverpool where I'm training them in the finer points of dog ownership, you know like lots of patting and walks. Mum's not so generous with the treats though, the vet has told her I need to lose weight (apparently for the sake of my old joints. Sounds like a poor excuse to me!) and so far that's working, I can actually run again and enjoy my walks in the park. I'm not so keen on pups though, Mum says I should have been called Victor Meldrew! Let's face it, is having your face licked YOUR idea of fun? Anyway I'll stop now, I just wanted to share my happy story with you all, oh and in case you were wondering, yes I'll be staying with my new people- as long as they carry on behaving themselves. ;)