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Dante from Basildon (Essex)

When we first went to Basildon dog’s trust we originally were looking at a different dog for my dad. Dante was offered to us after the first choice wasn’t suitable for my dad and we fell in love with him instantly. He intitally was very intrigued in my dads parrot the first few days of taking him home but after awhile he settled and is happily getting along with the parrot. He was a bit underweight when we first got him but his first Vets check showed that his put on weight and needs to put on a few more kgs then he will be at his ideal weight. He loves long walks, chasing balls round the bungalow and loves chewing cuddly toys (not sure if they like stuffing being taken out of them though)! Dante has really brought life back to my dad after losing his late 13 year old German shepherd and so happy to have given a second chance to Dante