Buzz from Shrewsbury (Shropshire)

We first met Buzz in July. We walked past him whilst he was asleep, he sleepily opened his eyes and wagged his tail as we said hello. He then got himself up to properly greet us and tried to lick us through the bars. We immediately requested to take this cutie for a walk. Turns out he was the only one we needed to walk because we fell for him! Since Buzz has come home he has developed a love for cuddly toys, sticks and tug of war. He loves cuddling with us at any time of day and playing seek with his squeaky dinosaur. We knew Buzz needed lots of patience and care when it came to going for walks and meeting other dogs. It has made us so happy to watch him grow and have little break throughs as we train him. He has now met another dog and they managed to go for a walk along side each other and play together in the garden. They have plans to meet again and have some more social time together. He has been learning heel and stop and focus which he has nearly mastered (Heel not so much...but we'll get there soon!). We've had a trip to the beach and he loved paddling with us in the sea, he also loved the amount of sticks there were to take home for games of fetch! Buzz has accompanied me on my runs, he is building up his stamina and speed with each one. It makes me very happy to have a running partner! Thank you to the team at Shrewsbury for all the advice and care you gave throughout the process of adopting Buzz into our family!