Billy from Loughborough

He was born on the 11th of December so the centre named the litter after items of Christmas dinner. I think Bill got the worst name of stuffing but he was so sweet no matter what his name was. He was the runt of the litter and HATED being alone so had to go with another dog. When he fist met Tessa, our (now 8) black lab who was the biggest ball of energy at first but knew to calm down since billy was so nervous and cautious, he still is really but thats just him, he likes to make sure everything is safe. When he was a puppy he got nervous really easily and wouldn't settle in the house and felt a need to always be aware instead of relaxing but Tessa certainly taught him how to chill. I think without the first train of getting used to the noises of a house ect he would still be scared of anything that made a sound. Tessa is his mum, his big sister, and his best friend. I just wanted to thank the centre for getting Billy out of being a timid shy puppy to being a playful, cheeky, confident little man. Forever grateful.