Rocco from Darlington

Rocco has been with us just under 8 weeks now, we can barely remember being without him. I fell in love with him the second I saw his photo, meeting him for the first time was amazing. He's so settled in now he shows his personality all the time. He loves roughhousing, his voice is hilarious. We were told he didn't bother with toys, he has a pheasant and a monkey so far, he picks the pheasant up and takes it for a walk around the garden, it has no tail now and the monkey has no ears. he doesn't like it if you make them squeak, I think he thinks we're hurting them. His greetings if you've been out for 5 minutes or hours are equally enthusiastic. He gets very vocal if you tell him he's a good boy. Think that could be the husky in him. He loves his humans and has taken my son's and daughters partners into his fold as well. I can't thank Darlingtons Dogs Trust enough for allowing us to adopt him. I enjoy our walks and his company. Good job he's not here to guard us though. He only barks if someone knocks on the door, if you just walk in apparently that's ok. We're looking forward to many years with him. Many thanks to all at Darlington, especially Nat.