Wendy from Basildon (Essex)

Hi, Basildon. Wendy says Hi! Its been a good few weeks now since we brought Wendy home and shes quite settled in now. She really is a loving dog and will literally follow you around the house all day, really enjoys sitting with us in the evening. As you know she doesnt like mixing with other dogs so we found some quiet places to take her for a walk, she loves the woods near our home and has got used to small rides in the car to get there. She is making progress and there are some walks where she can tolerate dogs in the distance without making a fuss. She often likes to play with her squeeky toys in the garden and has buried a few bones somewhere.... She really is the most cutest dog I have ever met all of us really adore her and even in a few short weeks, I couldnt imagine her not being part of the family forever. I really would like to thank all of you at Basildon, you made the process of getting to know and adopting Wendy so easy and its so obvious how much you all care and make a real difference to the welfare and lives of dogs across the UK. Thanks for bringing Wendy into our lives Matthew Dray