Dolly (was Holly) from Kenilworth (West Midlands)

We adopted shy, nervous, anxious Dolly (was Holly) in October 2016, as a companion for our other lurcher Reggie. It took quite a while for Dolly to settle and trust us, as she was very anxious, but Reggie (who she ADORES) has guided her along the way. The two dog are inseparable. Dolly had some medical issues (incontinence and unable to regulate her poos) but we discovered that she has a wheat intolerance. Change of diet and lots of love has turned Dolly into the most affectionate, silly, sweetheart of a girl. She was very head shy and it took months to gain her confidence to put a lead on, but she now happily runs around the fields with her Reggie. Of the two she is the "dog least likely to run off!" She adores her Reggie (and it is reciprocated) This lovely girl has been such a challenge, but incredibly rewarding, especially when she asks for cuddles, which were a "no go" for ages. She will happily lie on her bed, having her tummy scratched, and reward you with infinite licks! We are devoted to both of our dogs, Dolly has enriched all of our lives, and despite the challenges along the way, we wouldn't be without either of them. So rewarding to see such an anxious dog now so happy and trusting.