Eric (kennel name was Pip) from Canterbury

Eric adopted me in December 2015 and came home with me in January 2016. I was looking for a deerhound type lurcher as a play mate for my deerhound Alfie... None were available so I asked what other sight hounds you had, answer.. Greyhounds. I noticed that the greyhound kennels were the only ones people were not visiting, probably because they just stayed in their beds as well behaved working dogs do. :).. I was advised that Eric was the most likely one to get on with a boisterous deerhound so took him for a walk. he was so good on the lead until he saw a 'white fluffy' dog when he changed to hunts master supreme and made a right din. I then sat outside with him and he sat on my foot and leaned on my leg and looked at me with such open eyes and kind face that I realised he wanted me as his human Dad and I adopted him. He didn't like the deerhound way of playing and my Deerhound could not understand how Eric was so quick but didn't run very far. However they get on OK and I have since had a failed Foster greyhound from a charity I was helping.. Eric suffered from separation anxiety but we eventually got over that (with advice from Dogs Trust) and he is now the most loving and cuddlesome hound I have ever known. Totally changed my view on greyhounds, no other breed for me in the future. Thank you to Dogs Trust for such a professional and caring service and one day when I have to let him go top the rainbow bridge I will look to foster any greys needing a home.