Henny from Shoreham (Sussex)

When I first saw Henny, she was a gorgeous but shy tiny puppy. She was so cute, I fell in love straight away. She immediately bonded with my other dog Bella, and they have now become inseparable, the bestest of friends. The first few months were hard, she was very nervous of other dogs, loud noises and people she didn't know. We soon took her to a local dog training class where she socialised with dogs once a week and her mannerisms improved drastically! We still have our moments (she does love to bark!), though nothing major and she now loves meeting new people! She has the most amazing personality, and is so loving. When you come home, she greets you with this squeal of happiness and gives you a present (normally some socks). When we make the bed, she thinks it's a game and jumps all over the sheets - honestly she makes me laugh every single day. When I eat breakfast, she has to sit next to me, as well as when I dry my hair - It's as if she likes to watch! We are so happy Henny has found her forever home, we couldn't imagine our lives without her, thank you so much for giving us the best gift!