Ember (Queenie) from Kenilworth (West Midlands)

I first saw Ember (Queenie) on the website and phoned to find out more about her. She had only been there a couple of days and as the centre was closed that day I was told that I needed to be at the centre just before opening time to register my interest in her as it was first come first served. I was keen, I arrived there the next moring an hour and a quarter early and was lucky enough to be the first in the queue. After meeting her and a successful mix with Enzo my other dog I reserved her and 8 days later I brought her home. She settled in from day one and we have now had her for a year. She loves people and loves fuss and cuddles. Although she adores her brother she is picky who her doggy friends are but she has 3 greyhound buddies who belong to our friends who she loves meeting up with for walks and days out. She also has enjoyed lots of holidays in our caravan. We graduated at Dog School last December too which we both enjoyed being a part of. She makes us smile every day and I love her to bits.