Whiskey from Newbury (Berkshire)

After seeing Whiskey’s school picture on The Dogs Trust Newbury website we got straight in the car to visit him. Following a few visits and finding out about Whiskey’s mischievous personality we just had to bring him home! At first Whiskey done just about everything we were warned about, but with patience and training Whiskey has become a member of our pack and our best pal! Whiskey loves nothing more than using his nose during scent work classes, trips to new places in the car and playing chase with his doggie friends. Whiskey isn’t so keen when he is woken by Dad at 6am for his first of three walks, but Dad always gets a husky heellloooo and a kiss once his up. Whiskey was our first dog and a big challenge, but every moment has been worth it. Thank you Dogs Trust Newbury.