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Crystal (previously Luna) from Basildon (Essex)

Crystal (Luna at the time) chose me. She kept talking to me through the glass and was very excited every time me and my father would visit. It was like we had known each other forever. After getting Crystal home it was clear she had some insecurities: couldn’t be in a room alone, scared of other dogs and car trips made her sick. Over time Crystal has overcome these fears with the love and security we give her. She goes everywhere with me. She loves working with me, going on long walks, accompanying me and my now husband on holiday..... She was even a bridesmaid at our wedding last November, and of course she stole most of the attention... but she deserves it. We look forward to many happy years with Crystal and get such a reward knowing how much we have changed her life for the better and as a result she has changed ours for the better too. Wouldn’t be without her